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About Carolina Granite

Carolina Granite, a beacon of artisanal excellence nestled in the heart of Greenville, SC, is more than just a company; it’s a generational heirloom — passionately crafted and operated with the warmth of a close-knit family. In our intimate fabrication atelier, every stone tells a story, meticulously brought to life by the hands of our skilled artisans.

Our philosophy is simple yet profound: to provide personalized, unparalleled service to each client, whether you’re breathing new life into an existing space or crafting your dream home from the ground up. We pride ourselves on a commitment to exquisite detail, transforming ordinary spaces into timeless sanctuaries of elegance and sophistication.

At Carolina Granite, we cherish the art of in-house craftsmanship. Every step, from the initial cut to the final installation, is performed by our team of trained professionals. This approach has served as a contributing factor to many heartfelt referrals by trusted clients. Our reputation has been built on the pillars of affordability, reliability, and an unyielding commitment to excellence.

Every endeavor undertaken at Carolina Granite is not just a project, but a masterpiece in the making, meticulously overseen by our owners, Debra and Grady, who have been married for 43 years and are lifelong South Carolina natives. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over four decades as a licensed & award-winning residential homebuilder in the Carolinas, our leadership ensures the harmonious blend of artisanal touch and cutting-edge fabrication technology with each piece of raw material that we touch.

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About You

From the very first interaction with Carolina Granite, you will embark on a journey far removed from the impersonal transactions of the everyday. To us, you are not just a number, a prospect, or a lead — You are a valued individual, seeking the wisdom and expertise of the region’s preeminent specialists in stone countertops and bespoke cabinetry.

Your journey is shepherded by a dedicated account manager, a personal liaison who stands ready to answer every question and soothe any concern. With meticulous care, they will guide you through each step of the process, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience.

Joining the Carolina Granite family is an experience shared by thousands of local satisfied individuals — a sentiment reflected in the warm echoes of our clients’ lives. We cherish the bonds we form with each client, a fact illuminated by the holiday cards, wedding invitations, graduation announcements, and handwritten notes of praise we receive. These tokens, continuing to arrive even years after a project’s completion, are heartfelt reminders of the enduring relationships we build, the lasting impact of our work, and the personal touch that defines every Carolina Granite encounter.

Why Choose Carolina Granite?

In choosing Carolina Granite, you begin a collaborative endeavor, distinguished by an ethos that places your unique needs and aspirations at the forefront of our creative process. Our approach is bespoke, ensuring that each project we undertake is imbued with a level of personalized attention that transcends the typical transactional nature of business. This philosophy of unparalleled service is woven into the fabric of our operations, ensuring that from the moment you step into our world, you are met with an experience that is as enriching as it is seamless.

At Carolina Granite, we understand that the essence of true craftsmanship lies not only in the skillful hands of our artisans but also in the warmth and dedication that underpin our interactions with you. Our in-house team of trained professionals, oversees every step of the fabrication and installation process, guaranteeing that each countertop is a masterpiece of quality and beauty. This commitment to in-house craftsmanship is a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence, a hallmark that has earned us the trust and affection of thousands of clients over the years.

  • Carolina Granite is locally owned and operated by lifelong South Carolina natives. In other words, we cherish your community because it is our community too.
  • Serving the Carolinas and Georgia for well over a decade has granted Carolina Granite the opportunity to work with thousands of satisfied customers, reinforcing our acclaimed reputation and trusted namesake.
  • Carolina Granite, as far as we know, is the only local countertop and custom cabinetry fabricator and installer that maintains a full-time licensed residential builder on staff to oversee each project.
  • Unlike most countertop fabricators who simply choose stone slabs on the customer’s behalf, we believe that selecting the specific slabs to be used in your home is a deeply personal choice. Carolina Granite is one, if not the only countertop fabricators that arranges for our full-time licensed residential builder to meet with a client to hand-select the exact stone slabs that they want to use in their home —at no additional charge.
  • Carolina Granite maintains a strict policy against hidden fees, pricing that isn’t transparent, and high-pressure sales tactics. From start to finish, we provide clarity in pricing, expectations, and communication.
  • Countertop and cabinetry can last a lifetime – our goal in each project is to create a work of art that you will be proud to show off for generations to come.

Opting for Carolina Granite means choosing a partner who views your satisfaction as their ultimate goal. It means placing your trust in a team that values the creation of enduring beauty and the art of personal connection. Let us take you on a journey where your vision of a dream home becomes our mission, and together, we craft not just countertops and cabinets, but lasting legacies of elegance and style in your home.

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