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Decorative elements or features added to countertops or cabinetry to enhance visual appeal and style, such as ornamental handles or trim.

Apron Front Sink

A type of sink characterized by its exposed front panel, resembling the apron of a traditional farmhouse sink, adding a rustic or vintage touch to the kitchen.


Protective covering typically installed on the wall behind countertops to prevent water damage, with options ranging from tiles to slabs, and often serving as a design focal point.

Base Cabinet

The foundational component of cabinetry, providing storage space below countertops and supporting the overall structure of the kitchen or bathroom layout.

Base cabinet roll-out

A convenient storage solution integrated into base cabinets, featuring shelves or drawers that extend outward for easy access to stored items, maximizing organization and functionality.


A type of edge treatment for countertops involving the cutting or shaping of the edge at a specific angle, providing a sleek and modern aesthetic.

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