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Why Granite?

A lifetime of beauty and durability are just two of the features of granite surfaces. Strong, lasting, and very low maintenance – an addition to your custom home or an upgrade of your present, an investment that will add beauty and value.

  • Granite is an all-natural material.
  • It is a real stone.
  • It has a rich, unique, durable beauty that sells itself.
  • Granite is virtually impossible to scratch under everyday kitchen use.
  • Granite is very stain resistant when it is polished and sealed properly.
  • You can place hot pans on granite and not worry about heat damage.
  • Granite is an excellent surface for baking and rolling out pastry dough.
  • Granite is by far the most durable material you can use for your kitchen countertops.

How durable is granite?

Granite is one of the longest-lasting and toughest natural stones on the market, making it the perfect choice for any project.

Will my granite look exactly like the granite sample on the site?

The samples have been scanned as digital images for our website. While these are high-quality resolution, they will never capture the exact nature of the real thing. Although one of our many strengths is the consistency of our product, you should expect some variation as it is a natural stone. The variations in color and pattern give granite its unique nature, coveted by consumers around the world.

Can I Select My Slabs?

Yes, in fact, we strongly encourage you to view and select your slabs. We do this for 2 reasons: 1. Finding the perfect slab is a great experience and you should have the opportunity and the joy of actually selecting slabs for your kitchen. They will become conversation pieces for years to come. 2. Samples don’t always represent the actual slab and we want you to know exactly what is going to be installed in your kitchen.

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