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Custom is now affordable

Our advanced fabrication technology allows us to create stunning custom cabinetry in not only record time, but at prices that can fit just about any budget.

You're in control

Our team of professionals, led by a licensed builder, are here to provide as much help as you need. We offer complete turnkey solutions that include installation, painting/staining, and granite/quartz tops. If you’re a weekend warrior, we also provide à la carte services.

Updating without renovating

Want to update your cabinetry without a complete renovation? Our facelift service will provide you with updated doors and drawers, while keeping your framework.

Not just kitchens

Cabinetry is found throughout the home, so why focus on just the kitchen? We also provide cabinetry services for bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets. Ask about our affordable solutions for custom wall units, closet organizers, desk tops, islands, and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free estimates for building my cabinets?

Yes, we offer free estimates.

What material do you build your cabinets from?

That is up to you! We offer cabinet grade MDF material as well as any cabinet suitable woods, like oak, birch, maple, hickory, ash, pine, cherry, teak, etc.

What is the most popular cabinet style?

Currently, the two styles that we get the most requests for are shaker style and raised panel style. That said, we can offer just about any cabinet style out there, just let us know.

What type of hinges do you offer?

We use premium European style soft-close hinges for our cabinet doors and roller bearing slides for our drawers, unless a special request is made.

Can you build glass-front cabinet doors?


Do you have financing options available for cabinetry projects?

Yes. We work with a local bank that offers easy home improvement financing. If you are interested, we can connect you with our dedicated representative at the bank who will work with you.

If my cabinet boxes are in good shape can you build doors and drawer fronts only?

Yes, that is actually a very popular choice. When you have new cabinet doors and drawer fronts, you basically have new cabinets at a very affordable price.

Can you just build new cabinet doors and drawer fronts and let me pick them up and install them myself?

Certainly. If you would like to install the doors and drawer fronts yourself, that is not a problem with us at all.

Can you paint the new doors and drawer fronts?

Yes, we can paint your new cabinetry at our fabrication shop. However, we do not paint in your home so you will need to paint your cabinet boxes the same color that you have us paint the doors and drawer fronts. We also offer stain options as well.

Do you do cabinet repairs on existing cabinets?

No, we do not normally offer cabinet repairs on existing cabinets. If we are installing cabinets in your home and you have a specific cabinet issue, you are welcome to ask us about it.

I have water damage. Can you replace only the cabinets that were damaged?

Yes. We can replace the cabinet areas that were damaged. However, we cannot guarantee that the new cabinets will be a 100% match of the old cabinets. It will depend on the design.

Can you build additional cabinets for my kitchen?


Do you install the cabinets you build?

Yes, our team of trained professionals can install the new cabinets.

Can you build and install a bathroom cabinet?

Yes. We can also include sinks and countertops, if you’d like.

Can you build and install a new island in my kitchen?


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